The Fairy Brought The Eerie

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Welcome home. You missed me, right? Nice. Did not want to risk you tiring of me. Yeah, and with knitting gradually creeping back into fashion who knows? Your weird self might just see that as an adventure.

So what brought me back this early? Is it our one-way relationship? Do I enjoy doing all the loving whiles you sit there and judge? No, you self-centered no-love-showing-brute (yeah still pissed about you not commenting on my previous post). It has nothing to do with you.

This has to do with us and our obsession with happy-ever-after. Yeah, we are obsessed with them. We will lie to ourselves our shitty relationships are going somewhere just to hold on to the idea of a possible happy ever after. We will accept all forms of insults and humiliation just with the hope our friends will finally accept us and we will be best friends forever. We will go to all lengths to plan our lives and make space for those not currently present so they will be comfortable whenever they show up, forgetting to factor in our own happiness.

Dearie, the fairy tale was meant for you when you were that age. Remember that thing in math when they said you couldn’t deduct bigger numbers from smaller ones? Yeah, then you grew up and you realized just how much you had been lied to. You handled that really well, considering how much indebted you are and you still manage to smile and dress up so well. But how come you never attempted to deal with your happy-ever-after blues?

WARNING: This won’t be pretty if you happen to be a staunch fan of these classics.

So nine months on after the big wedding, coming back to life and everything, she gives birth to a cute dwarf boy. Wow, guess it was Droopy. A one night fling perhaps. Why did that dwarf have to be so potent and ruin this for everyone.

Well after the weekend, he was tired of her. She did know how to dance. The grinding gave him blue balls for days. Why else would he go to all lengths to find her? Now he did and there was nothing really special about her in bed. What a waste of time. Huh just throw her out tomorrow, some charming prince he is.

Yeah she got the man of her dreams. Wait, did she? Because he beats her up every day and night over anything at all. His excuse, he can’t stop himself. It’s who he is, he claims. What was she thinking? Tried to change a beast to a teddy bear, now all she’s got are black eyes.

Ah huh, I torched three of your childhood heroines. Go cry if you want to.

All I am saying is, there are so many of our dear Snow White, Cinderella and Beauty living in these times and their stories are this twisted. All in a pursuit of living happily ever after. Forgetting the millions of great moments in each passing day. Letting go, of life changing opportunities and friendships whiles they were busy chasing illusions.

Each passing day gives us a chance to actually live. If we could stop merely existing and pinning our hopes of a happy-ever-after on others we would realize just how great we could be. We need family, friends and the world to smile with us. But ask yourself, are you smiling or waiting for the world to smile first? They are a pretty indecisive bunch, you could wait forever for your happy-ever-after.

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  1. Great!!! Simply Great.

  2. it's not easy going in for any guy at all but it's far better going in for the person who loves you dearly. you may not be in love with the person in the beginning but gradually love grows

  3. Perfect piece bro. with this recent mind bubbling attitude from the gals, I guess there is no such thing as happily ever after in this recent time of economic melt down. Huh! Wait, am I sure? I believe there are exceptions...

  4. Wow! Wel said. U ryt dere is nofin lyk hapi ever after.alot of tins expire so do luv of de 21st century.ur happiness shd nt depend on some1 jst bcos he said 'l love you'

  5. dats a luvly piece u got der bro. i luv paragraph 4 n whneva i read it, it puts me to thinking a lot and the part whr the lady tries to change a beast into a teddy, its a gud part too bro. kip it up.